Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bakklandet, those beautiful wood houses of Trondheim

Bakklandet is a neighborhood of Trondheim, Norway. It lies on the east side of the river Nidelva between Bakke Bridge and the Old Town Bridge. The area is dominated by small, wooden houses and narrow streets. It is among the major tourist attractions in the city.The streets of this part of the town are narrow with some very famous cafe, bars and some traditional butics. This picture has been taken by my 24-70 mm with ND filter on it. Using ND filter made the clouds smoother and the color of sunset is brighter. It was raining just before I took the picture as a reason you can see a small pond in the middle of the frame and a little reflection of the houses. Indeed there were some people walking around in the street but because of long shot they are not appearing in the frame. This is actually very useful tool in order to eliminate not needed elements. In case you want to see in a bigger size please click on this link :