Friday, June 6, 2014

Reflection in Leirsjøen, Trondheim

Store Leirsjøen or big Leirsjøen located in Leirelvvassdraget in Bymarka, Trondheim. Leirsjøen was originally separated from Frøset lake in the east, but by damming in 1929 waters were joint. Leirsjøen was drinking water in the years 1922 to 1993, after this period it is a reserve water source for Trondheim. For this reason, it has not been allowed to fish in the water. The result is a large population of smallish trout and char. I was with my friend to take some pictures and test the #ND filter. Indeed the reflection of water was so amazing and exactly like a mirror. I decided to take the picture with my tele lens 135 mm which is one of the most sharpestest lens produced by Carl Zeiss. You can find the picture in higher resolution and deatails by this link:øen