Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tranquility in Jonsvatnet, Trondheim!

Jonsvatnet is a beautiful lake in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. Most of the lake is in the eastern part of the municipality of Trondheim, with a very small part of the shoreline belonging to Malvik municipality. The lake is the main source for drinking water for Trondheim. Fishing is not allowed in this lake and also kayaking is allowed only in some part of it. The lake will be totally frozen in the winter times and people skating on it. I had a trip around this lake in May 2012 to test my beloved Nikon 14-24 mm F 2,8 on my Nikon D700. The weather was fantastic. I was there in sunset time. The wide end of this lens, 14 mm, is just fantastic. It is truly superlative performance in any situation. The only problem of this lens is that you are not able to use normal ND or CP filters which is in favourite of many landscape photographers, also lens is pretty heavy with almost one kg. I would say the weight of the lens is not an issue especially for landscape photography because photographers normally use tripods but filter disability may suffer those who want to capture long-exposures photos. To see the picture in higher resolution: